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Lab and pilot scale fiber spinning lines:

We build custom small scale spinning lines for both melt  and solution spinning including the OneShot Piston Spinning Apparatus for fiber film and non-woven.

Fiber spinning lab:

We have small extrusion lines available for melt spinning and drawing for a variety of fibers. These lines can be configured to spin multifilament or monofilament using air or water quench. Our lab also has a wet spinning line for solution spinning that includes a coagulation tank, stretching, rinsing and take-up.
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Extruders:     Diameters ranging from 1/2” to 1” Metering:      Melt pump systems with pressure controls Spin Packs:   Filtration, pack parts, gaskets and spinnerets Quench:      Air quench systems, water quench tanks Spin finish:    Applicator with metering pump Rolls:      Heated and unheated draw rolls Winders:      Lab winders for slow speed take-up Tanks:      Stainless steel, insulated or uninsulated, with circulating pumps, heated or cooled Frames:      Steel and aluminum frames to mount equipment Controls:       Extrusion control systems and instrumentation
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